How To Know If Your Libido Is Spontaneous Or Responsive

One day, while catching up on podcasts as I was folding laundry, a spicy topic piqued my interest. The host was interviewing sex educators and researchers Lauren Fogel Mersy, PsyD, LP and Jennifer A. Vencill, PHD, ABPP about the effect of the mental load on libido. As I listened, my eyes widened. I started to realize just how little I knew about the topic. One after another, my received truths about sexuality started to break down.

Prior to this listening sesh, my personal, limited, and mista...

Why I'm Pursuing Financial Wellness Over "Financial Freedom"

Keeping up with the Joneses has never been my motivation. I tend to either ignore or rebel against fleeting consumer trends. And regarding household spending, we aim to make highly researched, conscious purchases and splurge only when we know the result will last a lifetime or provide meaningful experiences. Of course, there are some sporadic impromptu expenses, but for the most part, our spending is, ahem, controlled.

Still, in the age of social media that floods us with photos of billionaires

Bon Charge’s PEMF Mat Calmed My Inner Chaos (2024 Review)

Summary: After three weeks of using the Bon Charge PEMF Mat Max, I can confidently say it’s become a permanent tool in our family’s wellness arsenal. Not only did it offer warm, grounding vibes that eased me into a state of calm on the most stressful of days, but it also offered respite from menstrual cramps and exercise-induced soreness and assisted in recovery from an intense viral illness.
• The Bon Charge PEMF Mat Max’s noninvasive technology helped me to address many physical and mental con

Why Gentle Exercise Is Appropriate At Every Age

It wasn’t until recently, while walking with my dogs in the quiet of a nature preserve, that I recognized how valuable a slower-paced, gentler exercise could be — both physically and mentally. As a teen heavily into sports, I learned to value high-impact strength training and exercised for tangible results. The higher the intensity, the better the workout. My goal was to be sweaty, red in the face, and unbelievably sore the next day. Fast and hard was the name of the game.

I carried this type o

Should You Be Taking Probiotics With Antibiotics?

Since 1929, when scientist Alex Fleming discovered penicillin, antibiotics have saved millions of people from severe illnesses and infections. While there is no denying the necessity of antibiotic use in modern medicine, if you’re like me, you can’t help but shudder slightly when your doctor prescribes an antibiotic to resolve your health issue.

Having endured chronic ear infections as a child, I was on a constant dose of the bubble gum-flavored pink goo — aka amoxicillin. Because of this, I am

What Is Mental Load? (And Why Is It Important?)

My daughters were three and five when I learned there was a term for the exhausting running list I’d been carrying in my head since their births.

Although anxiety and sometimes paralyzing perfectionism were states I’ve struggled with my entire life, this felt different. It was the administrative steps I had to go through to replan my workday and provide care when one of the girls woke up sick. It was constantly anticipating both daughters’ needs and cognitively scrolling through all the options

I Tried Roka's Performance Sunglasses For Sports (2024 Review)

Summary: After a month of testing ROKA performance sunglasses during various outdoor activities, I recommend them to anyone looking for stylish, sturdy, and durable sunglasses that stay put during exercise and everyday activities. These are especially good for adventurous people who need prescription sunglasses.
• These sunglasses don’t slip off your face when you sweat and can be worn for long periods without discomfort.
• ROKA has lots of fashionable unisex frames that are suitable for various

Is Birch Luxe Mattress Worthy Of Your Dreams? We Review

The Good Trade editors endorse products we’ve personally researched, tested, and genuinely love. Learn more about our methodology and business model here.

Summary: After one month of sleeping on the Birch Luxe mattress, I highly recommend it as an incredibly comfortable, nontoxic solution to sleep troubles. The layers of cashmere, wool, and steel coils relieved my aches and pains and offered temperature regulation that significantly improved my sleep. In short, it’s divine!
• The Birch Luxe is

5 Functional Spices To Incorporate Into Your Weekly Meal Plan

Cultures worldwide have incorporated delicious, functional spices in tradition for over 6,000 years, so why wouldn’t we modern-day home cooks follow suit? Thanks to the chemical compounds within, many well-known spices not only up your flavor game but also aid in wellness efforts like fighting inflammation, settling your tummy, and even increasing libido. And you won’t have to do a scavenger hunt to find the spices we suggest — you might even be using them already!

One word of advice when imple

The 5 Best Fitness Trackers for Seniors in 2024 - The Good Trade

As we all know, consistent physical activity is a huge part of maintaining good health. But keeping up with exercise and strength training in our senior years can also become more complex with the onset of common age-related health concerns such as heart conditions and increased risk of injury and falls. In addition, as we creep up in life experience, sleep quality and memory often decline. The truth is many seniors strive to keep up with regular daily activities while also maintaining independe

Good Chop Review: Responsibly Sourced Meat & Seafood For A Family Of Four

We’ve been an environmentally conscious household for quite some time, and our food is no exception. For philosophical and environmental reasons, we’ve considered a switch to an entirely plant-based diet several times. But both my husband and I have found a plant-based diet that incorporates meat and seafood a few times a week works best for our personal health and energy levels. And in all honesty, our daughters love a good flank steak. We do our best, however, to eat in a way that is kind to o

What Is A Chronotype And How Do I Find Mine?

Confession: I do not like to sleep. And I’ve never followed a consistent sleep schedule. As a teenager, I hated going to bed but was excited to get up and start my day before the rest of the household. As an adult, I must drag myself to bed, even when I am drained, and know I could really use some rest. I fall asleep quickly, but I am roused by a pin drop. Thankfully, the littlest bit of shut-eye allows me to wake up before my alarm starts screaming. Most days, I feel rested enough to thrive unt

How Important Is An Air Purifier To Your Health?

As much as I love to be outside, I’ve always found my air-conditioned home quite comfortable after an outdoor adventure—especially during the hot, buggy, and rainy months. Unless I caught wind of a yucky smell wafting from a full trash can or was trying to air out the new furniture or fresh paint smell, I’d never really given much thought to the quality of the air we breathe inside our house.

The other night, however, as my family sat down to eat under the hanging light fixture above the table,

How Harmful Are Microplastics To Our Environment And Health?

If you’re in this space, the thought of large quantities of plastic strewn about the natural world makes you cringe. You feel distressed about floating plastic islands, birds feeding plastic to their babies, and turtles getting stuck in plastic can rings. In coastal Florida, it’s now commonplace to see plasticware, straws, cigarette butts, and single-use wrappers washed ashore, dotting our white-sand beaches.

Single-use plastic like water bottles, tampon applicators, plastic bags, food containe

What Are PFAS And Do We Need To Worry About Them?

Our family maintains a high level of awareness regarding a non-toxic home, food, and personal care environment. Safe cleaning and personal care products? Check. Stainless steel lunch boxes? Check. We own mostly glass storage containers and never microwave food plastic. Ever. We even recently retired our 13-year-old high-end, chipping non-stick pots and pans, replacing them with stainless steel. But if someone asked me the “why” behind that latest decision when it happened, my answer would have b

High Hopes. A feature on Dr. Margaret Lowman, arbornaut

Dr. Margaret Lowman is among the most impressive women I’ve ever met.

Her determination has earned her the titles of biologist, educator, mother, ecologist, author, fundraiser, conservationist, public speaker, and National Geographic explorer. She holds an undergrad in biology, a master’s in ecology, and a PhD in botany.

Lowman has decades of experience as a published field scientist who's worked in 46 countries across all seven continents. She’s launched nature research centers and run nonpro

Costco Connection Flavor and function / Supplier Spotlight

Costco sauerkraut supplier Wildbrine hits the mark with taste and nutrition

Mother Nature is a key element behind the sauerkraut from Costco supplier Wildbrine. The Santa Rosa, California-based company sources organic cabbage via partnerships with local California farmers, chasing the sun to ensure they can use the freshest produce year-round.

“Once it arrives, we inspect each head of cabbage before hand-processing it to remove the outer leaves and core,” says Hannah Lewis, Costco member and c

The Sustainable Compression Sock That Gives Back (Bombas Review)

The Good Trade editors endorse products we’ve personally researched, tested, and genuinely love. Learn more about our methodology and business model here.

Few people would consider socks an exciting topic in mainstream fashion. But if you are one of many fortunate enough to have drawers full of socks, you may be blissfully—and understandably—unaware of the portion of the population with no access to even one pair of socks, let alone a good pair.

Bombas believes wearing clean, comfortable cloth
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